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Here's a link straight to the FVWA home page.  That is if you would actually need to admire anyone but me!?!

What up, this is the freak nasty.  So you found my website, you want a cookie or a samich?  I have been wrestling now for 3 years in the backyard feds of the XWL,BWR, and now the FVWA.  While in the XWL i earned 7 championships ( blood n guts, international, and tag team titles) respectivly.
Now that the first season of FVWA is underway everyone is already getting better.  I have noticed improvement all over the place,  which is really cool!  And the best thing is, I'm back,  yes just as advertised,  FrEaK is back to wup that ass and scare off the neighbor kids.  Hopefully even improve my trophy shelf this year with another title or 4, the others are getting a little dusty.


  • Freak's Bio
  • weight: 160
  • height: 5'9"
  • music: Remix of Korn's Freak on a Leash
  • finisher: Death Valley Driver
  • signature moves: stalling vertical suplex
  • top rope gullitine legdrop
  • crippler crossface
  • spear
  • razor's edge



What the dilly yo!!

Top Story
Do to injury, I will be unable to compete at Wrestle Riot.  However i will still be their to observe and crack jokes as usual.